Vale do Pinhão - Curitiba Smart City

Pillars of the Program

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*The Vale do Pinhão Project is alligned with the UN SDG’s

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Technology permeates all other pillars, but deserves a special chapter when we talk about Smart Cities, as it is the anchor that supports and connects the City and its citizens . Applications that facilitate the population's access to public services, digital infrastructure in the city, connected equipment and new energies are the focus of actions.

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Saúde Já Curitiba (Health Care App) is the application that enables the scheduling of the first service at the Municipal Health Unit, the gateway to the Unified Health System (SUS) in the city of Curitiba.

The app also functions as a means of communication between the Municipal Health Service and the citizen, connected with your medical history and informing about other vaccination vaccines of public interest in the city.

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Urban Development and Revitalization

This pillar is about tranforming the city in a sustainable and humane way. Abandoned spaces are revitalized. New energies are used. Awreness about the sustainable process, creative and circular economy are put in the daily life of the citizens. Curitiba offers itself to the citizen with all the opportunities and possibilities as a living city with Urban laboratories.

Urban Gardens

Bringing awareness of urban citizens, in a creative and innovative way, teaching about the entire production process and the transversality of the food cycle, and addressing, in addition, to cultivation, environmental, social, educational and health issues.

Connection and Integration

With actions in this pillar, Curitiba's innovation ecosystem remains active, motivated and integrated. Not only we help the growth of the existing ecosystem but we attract new players to the city as well. Actors of this scenario are Universities, Class Entities, Public Agencies, Industries, Commerce and Companies with a focus on innovation.

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Paiol Digital seeks the engagement of people connected to the world of Smart Cities, Entrepreneurship and Innovation: by bringing selected speakers we present the citizens new topics of discussion along with cultural interventions and local gastronomy displays, spreading the culture of innovation among the citizens.

With this format we create a networking environment and fostering actions aimed at the development of the city, people and business.